points command server
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Sysreturn Point Commands

Server receives slack slash commands to read or write a database file. Uses https://git.sysreturn.net/auxreturn/sysreturn-points as file database.


The triggering command is set to /points. subcommands are accepted through the “text” parameter of the http body.

	prints this message

	returns message listing current scores

<name>[!] [<details>]
	Increments the score of the named user given by the caller.
	An optional exclaimation-point(!) can be added to the end 
	of the name to indicate a particularly egregious score

	Optionally add details to the event after the name. All text in 
	the command after the name are considered part of the details

	/points josh
		adds a point to josh's score

	/points josh!
		adds a big score to josh's score

	/points josh big mustard pun
		adds to josh's score with an added log detail of "big mustard pun"

reference: https://api.slack.com/slash-commands https://api.slack.com/docs/verifying-requests-from-slack